For Toni Morrison

I remember sitting in school and reading for the first time, “The Bluest Eye.” The story that a little girl, a little black girl, wanted blue eyes – something that was impossible, but nevertheless magical. It was a story that would be read in our classrooms; carry on in our lives; resonate in our hearts. … More For Toni Morrison

Some NBA News

So, with the playoffs beginning soon – actually in a couple minutes – I wanted to share some news about basketball and the NBA and reporting. I *finally* got the opportunity to cover Bucks games over at The UWM Post right before the playoffs this season. Please read some articles over at:

In Review: Bobby

The name Bobby Brown didn’t need another mention before you thought of Don’t Be Cruel, so surely the mention of the name as the title of a new album brings hope of that same success. 1992’s Bobby album, released at the top of a new decade and four whole years after 1988, brings us a different type … More In Review: Bobby