What I Love Most About Maxine Waters

It did not take long for a representative of an anti-Trump initiative to appear and tell us that in spite of overwhelming election results, we do not have to wallow in despair and accept the results. In this dire desperation, it could have been someone, anyone, and no one really would have a clue. Thankfully, no one really had a clue because sheer desperation could have ruined the notice that Democratic Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, has been serving on Trump’s America.

There are so many reasons to love Waters, from her political longevity to her ability to take on the politicalness of others. What I love most about Maxine Waters is that she has something for everyone in this desperate time of need; something really for anti-Trump people and something especially for Trump-voter people. In spite of her push against Trump, it was not long before Trump voters began to ignore the concerns of a great portion of the world and ignore the Congresswoman. By ignore, I mean – well, completely ignore. Thankfully, by the quick wit, intelligence, experience, and confidence of the Congresswoman, the ignorance in question both reflected a familiar Conservative versus Democratic madness that shapes the controversy of election and garnered exactly the type of undivided attention that our time of post-election deserves.

A denouncement of the newly elected President was expected when Maxine Waters was mentioned on Fox & Friends. It was just one month prior when Waters began to elaborate on her stance against Trump, which was on a news show as well. In this broadcast, All In with Chris Hayes, host Chris Hayes asked Waters about her thoughts on recent Trump activity in Russia, in which Waters explained exactly the situation of Trump and Russia. The way that she explained the situation – running down a list of previously unnamed people involved, talking hacking of the election, basically foreshadowing what would become a huge fallout between Trump and Russian communications – was pivotal in the elevation of her message. This particular build-up was going to undoubtedly inspire an experience with host Bill O’Reilly of the Conservative news network, and it is what I love most about Maxine Waters.

Bill O’Reilly decided to show a recent clip of Waters speaking on the House Floor about Trump. Following the clip, instead of discussing the clip, O’Reilly insulted Waters’ hair. The insult is so absurd that I will not include his exact words. The absurdity is more so in the intention. The mere idea behind going after the physical appearance of Waters under any circumstance is completely absurd, but especially absurd under the circumstance of her being a Congresswoman and that he invited her presence on his show. It was proven absurd when Waters took to social media to respond, prompting news and social media to call out the remarks as racist and sexist.

Focused on the work and not on the intimidation of the media, Waters was a mere innocent woman attacked for simply existing. I repeat: for simply existing – an action that women in the world, especially women in the political world do and get attacked for doing. Granted, Waters has done a little more than simply exist in deciding to exercise her congressional power over the Presidential Election. But of course, for her initiative to be downsized to the petty politics of physical appearance on a live broadcast is a lot of things, especially racist and sexist. And of course, she took on the initiative. How could she not, knowing all too well the importance of the work? And of course, she did not have trouble in exposing politics as petty compared to the political fight she has brought.

Waters’ response was truly the best. “ I’m a strong, black woman. I cannot be intimidated. I cannot be undermined, ” Waters tweeted, adding the hashtag, “ #BlackWomenAtWork. ” The words stirred news and social media with a certain certainty. The words were as alarming as they come; they were loud, clear, and necessary. What I love most about Maxine Waters is her words.

No one could have said it better and nothing could have been said better. To be black and woman in many cases is not only to continue living the truth of being in the historically and politically non-black and non-woman world, but it is to say the words, state the meaning. Maxine Waters, who is every bit of black and woman in the spotlight of politics, has started a particular madness by being vocal. The Congresswoman was not to be met with politeness. An attack was on. An attack was going to be petty. The fact that she knows why the pettiness exists is what I love most about Maxine Waters. The willingness to tackle the pettiness anyway is what I love most about Maxine Waters.

I love what Maxine Waters tackles. Even as it seems that the Congresswoman emerged out of a clear blue sky, her criticisms of Trump echo longstanding expectations of the new President. Things such as Foreign Affairs are at the top of the priority list. Things such as the recognition of social issues are top priority, especially considering its high place on the priority list of our previous President and the low place that it has fallen since then. Waters has called them all out. The way that she has called them out – in the media, in the House, issue by issue, name by name – clarifies the expectations.

Her criticism is high and does not have any intention to go low. High criticism raises the bar for Trump and leaves no room for him to settle on one night of victory. The criticism is often, leaving no room for anything to go unnoticed. Most importantly, the criticism is specific.

Criticism on Trump was taking off before we knew the feat was Waters’ priority. Protests, petitions, and other initiatives took off. The unique thing about the protests is that they include high presence, such as the Women’s March and a host of Democratic correspondents who have not bitten their tongue since election night. Another unique thing about the protests is that they have aided in the growth of being anti-Trump without the security of political correctness. Having an anti-Trump community arise when there is nothing left unveils the problem, which we should assume is the goal of the fight. We should also assume that the fight would fall into the right hands at the right time, which brings us closer to leaders like Maxine Waters. What I love most about Maxine Waters is that she has embraced the leadership of being anti-trump.

The fight in the hands of a Democratic powerhouse as Maxine Waters gives purpose to being anti-Trump. Public outrage and approval ratings speaks for itself, but when backed by someone, they mean much more. Waters shapes the protest, not only with her sacred positions, but with her candidness as a human being who is willing to risk her positions to do what is right. In spearheading being anti-Trump, Waters has shown a rare sacrifice. The sacrifice is evident in the backlash she has received and even greater in the support she has received. Waters, coupled with the initiative, is a necessary force in this case of political animosity. The challenge is now serious and important enough to challenge Trump. This is what I love most about Maxine Waters.

The fight of being anti-anyone who has already surprised you and won the election is a task that commands the attention of activism. Trump’s side is strong in the most I’m-on-Trump’s-side way possible: in willful ignorance. Simple human and civil rights are being outlawed by the President, and much worse, he has not backed down from either rules of law or criticism. Still, there is a Congresswoman standing still in the way of every bill, speech, and moment. The Congresswoman knows that Trump will not back down and knows of not-backing-down more than Trump. What I love most about Maxine Waters is that she is standing a true test of time, strength, virtue, and she has stood only by standing up for others.

The Congresswoman stands for us. She stands for the silent Democratic voice in the election. She stands for the loud and clear Democratic voice when it is the right time. She stands for the Democratic voice, period. She stands for the woman voice. She stands for the black voice. She stands for the black woman voice. She stands for the strong, black woman voice. She stands for America. She stands for an essential America. She stands for the 2017 America. She stands for the anti-Trump America. She stands for the anti-Trump. She stands for the fight.


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