On Dialogue: Beyond Writing

August marks one year of hosting di-a-logue.com, a website designed primarily for my own musings on politics, culture, and sports. Another month usually introduces another post on di-a-logue.com, but rarely does di-a-logue.com introduce another artist. While configuring the launch of di-a-logue.com 30 days ago, the world awaited the birthday celebration of literary prophet, James Baldwin. What was critical for me to withstand my writing in the threshold of literarians, such as Baldwin and his readers, is having my own margin of readers and writers alike who enjoy social commentary. Since beginning di-a-logue.com, I have observed my writing space not only as an enchantment of other authors, but as a congregation of authors, artists, and community leaders. To further entice di-a-logue.com as a space for all people, I have designed projects, which involve catalysts for any working movement: persons, ideas, and formality. With the hope that these persons, their ideas and formality signify the meaning of dialogue — a word broken down to mean conversation between one or more persons — I seek to commemorate people who have produced significant dialogue of their own.

In February, I designed a “Black History Month” project, where I interviewed various artists and community leaders. Black History Month is in its foundation, an open dialogue, let alone for a young, black woman to share her opportunities. Interviewing artists and leaders in the community became an easier process, as I realized these people were close friends and childhood mentors. Being aware of their growth personally enabled me to enjoy watching their growth publicly. Preparing a team, which you almost vicariously admire is a likely start-up to a new vision. Considering 5 interviews in 28 days, time becomes less of an essence and more of a backspace to the essence that is what you do with your time. Not to mention, having the contents which black history contains, as a thesis.

September does not reckon with the National realm as any observance, but kids going back to school and leaves sweeping heat, can inspire anything Nationwide. Scrolling instagram and twitter during Summer downtime has inspired many of my options for di-a-logue.com, specifically due to the productivity heading into Autumn. I have been immensely inspired to turn what could be my regular series of writings on daily happenings and events into reviews on people who make such happenings and events transpire.

To emphasize the infrastructure of August being celebratory of di-a-logue.com, it is only right that I dedicate September to people who are supportive and helpful with their presence, talent, and motivation. I wish statistics were a part of my projections for the success of di-a-logue.com, but numbers are not always able to articulate an audience achieved. When I begin posting what I have scribbled over both sides of paper and spent mornings backspacing on a keyboard, the worries of who will like reading are replaced by a relief that I have worked with people who grant me this process. The people I continue to work with do not only appear at the consensus of every great idea, but at a space penetrated by similar passions, attitudes, and ethic. Perhaps, these people are photographers, writers, or others with gifted direction. Nevertheless, these people will be showcased on di-a-logue.com throughout September, which I hope will be an opportunity for inspiration through October.

For more information and updates on all projects, follow me on Twitter ( @ SisKahrima ) and Instagram ( @ kahrimaxwinston ), and daily check out di-a-logue.com!




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